Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Goals for August 2012

Do with Dad
() Go 10 Pin Bowling
() Go through work contract
(x) Learn what to do under hood of car
(x) Learn how to change a tire
(-/x) Talk about giveways and double roundabouts
() Learn his cellphone number
(x) Convince him to get a key cut for my car (so he'll stop using mine!) (I ended up getting one cut for him!)

() Learn mums cellphone number
(x) Buy my sister a birthday present
() Join Gym
(I) Go to church at least 3x
() Have a cake making contest with my other sister

() Apply for at least 10 jobs/Get job
() Buy work clothes (if I need to)
() Practice touch typing.
() Get a driving instructor

(x) Rearrange furniture
() Find a dressing table
() Hang things on wall
() Take photos of room and closet

() Take pills everyday
() Exercise daily
() Cleanse, tone, brush teeth and hair as needed

() Make final notes on roadcode
() Go through suggested driving lessons with parents
() Learn postcode and phone number

(x) Gym ball

(x) Catching Fire
() Anne of Ingleside
() Rainbow Valley
() Rilla of Ingleside
() The Road to Yesterday

() My nude bra
(x) My Harry Potter Books
(x) My Art History Book

() Take body measurements weekly
() Go to bed by 10pm every night
() Get down to 106 kilos
() Take photos everyday
(x) Do more gardening

I only achieved about five of my goals from last month. I think the problem is that I didn't sit down to see what I could do each day/week and I wasn't really motivated to make changes. Also, a lot of my goals weren't possible because of lack of internet. I've made separate goal sheets up for anything internet related. I've also kickstarted some of my goals by writing down my parents cellphone numbers and sticking them on the wall, infront of my computer and rearranging my furniture when I was feeling restless one night. I think the fact that it isn't even the end of the first day yet and I've achieved 3 goals already is definitely a good thing!

This month, I'm hoping to achieve a bigger proportion of my goals by getting my mum and dad involved. I'm going to write them each a letter with things I would like them to do for/with me, and I have invited them to do the same with me if they would like. I hate that goals whether they are daily things, part of a five year plan or something off the bucketlist are often dependant on other people. It makes them that much harder to achieve- what if the other person doesn't want to help you?


This morning I got up at 5am, so I was feeling a bit tired by 7am. I wanted nothing more than to crawl back into bed and go back to sleep, but instead I made myself go through my goals for this month, and find some things to work on.

I decided I would look for my Harry Potter books and my Art History book which were packed away. I had about 30 boxes of stuff to go through, that still hadn't been unpacked since moving house, so I headed down to the second lounge/library and started digging.

It took about an hour to find my Harry Potter books, then another 30-40 minutes to find the Art History book. It was definately worthwhile, because I also found 3/4 of the Anne of Green Gables books that aren't available at the library that I was hoping to read this month, Scattergories and Scene It (board games), a skipping rope, some track pants, my Ben and Jerries icecream book, a To Do List pad that I brought years ago, a whole lot of recipes, a cook book, speakers and a cup holder with a kiwi on it.
I think I will vaccum soon, the house needs it. Then rake some leaves. I'm expecting to be contacted by some work places this week, I applied for six jobs. I've gotten one rejection email so now my fingers are crossed for interviews.

I have made some goals for today... they are:
-Write a letter to my friend, my mum and my dad
-Pick up leaves around the pool and consider doing some other gardening
-Play with the dogs
-Go for a decent sweat inducing walk
-Make a phone call
-Write out post code
-Take photos of my bedroom
-Tidy my bedroom
-Go for a driving lesson
-Read a good chunk of my book (I only have it out for a week)

Goals for tomorrow
-Send letter to friend
-Buy stickers (or something) for friend
-Buy Bio Oil or Body Butter for sisters birthday
-Buy gym ball
-Make phone call
-Go for a driving lesson
-Do more gardening, pick up rest of leaves around pool

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