Bucket List

Accomplishments and Qualifications
1. Get a metal for participating in something
2. Win a trophy
3. Reach the top of an indoor climbing wall
4. Write a book
5. Have a street named after me
6. Invent a board game
7. Complete a 365 photo challenge on Flickr
8. Make a quilt
9. Have a song written about me
10.Write a self fufilling letter to myself
11. Become a spokesperson for Bipolar Disorder
12. Write and Illustrate a childrens book
13. Study at University
14. Help someone get down to their ideal weight
15. Get qualified as a primary school teacher
16. Start a photography business
17. Write a musical and/or a play

1. Adopt a child
2. Have a sports equipment shed for my kids
3. Build up a collection of board games
4.Teach my children to appreciate everything more than I do
5. Adopt a little girl from China
6. Have a daughter called Chloe
7. Have a daughter called Amelia
8. Have a son called Levi
9. Raise my kids as Christians
10. Adopt a child with a disability
11. Keep baby books for my kids

Dream Home
1. Have solar panels installed
2. Have my own waterfall or similar water feature/s
3. Build a multistory playground in my home
4. Have a hammock in my backyard
5. Set up my own photography studio
6. Get a hot tub
7. Paint a mural in my home
8. Design and build/pay someone to build a treehouse in my backyard
9. Own a wall of books with a ladder that slides across it
10. Set up a rope swing down a hill
11. Build the perfect home cinema
12. Build a house that is safe in floods, tornados and earthquakes
13. Build a greenhouse
14. Write on wet concrete
15. Have tennis courts and a swimming pool
16. Get a ping pong table

1. Learn how to change a tire
2. Drive a golfcart
3. Drive a racing car
4. Ride a jetski
5. Go on a roadtrip with friends
6. Learn to drive shiftstick
7. Drive a speedboat
8. Get my full (NZ) drivers licence
9. Do a defensive driving course
10. Learn to parallel park perfectly
11. Learn to do the perfect 3 point turn
12. Learn how to change the oil
13. Drive a digger
14. Drive a tractor
15. Drive a convertible

Faith & Charity
1. Be an organ donar
2. Be a surrogate mother
3. Volunteer in a soup kitchen
4. Learn about other religions in depth
5. Start a bible study group
6. Go to bible college
7. Go on a three month long missions trip
8. Go on a one year long missions trip

Fame, Media and Publications
1. Watch movies with old Hollywood actresses to see what all the fuss is about
2. Shake hands with someone famous
3. Watch one movie everyday for a year
4. Be an extra in a movie/tv show
5. Take a picture with someone famous
6. Meet Taylor Swift
7. Become a published author
8. Have something published in a magazine
9. Get something published
10. Have decent photos of all my friends and family
11. Take photographs of all the items on my bucketlist being completed

Family Life
1. Get a kitten
2. Raise a Border Collie and call her "Jess"
3. Take parenting classes
4. Adopt a really fluffy cat
5. Get a Sharpei dog
6. Support my parents in their old age
7. Keep promises I make to my kids

1. Have 1 million in savings
2. Become a millionaire by the time I'm 35
3. Own my house outright
4. Own my own land
5. Donate all spare income to charity for a year
6. Earn enough money to live comfortably
7. Save £5000 towards University

Heath, Appearance & Fitness
1. Shave all my hair off
2. Learn how to put my hair up in 15 different ways
3. Sign up for ''Race for Life''
4. Walk a 5k
5. Walk a 10k
6. Get ''Scenester" hair
7. Get all silver fillings replaced with white ones
8. Get a perfect smile
9. Get gaps in mouth filled in
10. Enter a beauty pagaent
11. Get a flat stomach
12. Get into the healthy weight range for my height (56-74 kilos)
13. Get fit
14. Get pink streaks in my blonde hair
15. Fit into my size 16 clothes again
16. Look good in a bikini
17. Get good posture
18. Fit into my size 14 clothes again
19. Get down to 64 kilos
20. Get down to 85 kilos
21. Get down to 70 kilos
22. Walk or run a half marathon
23. Dye my hair pink
24. Get a bikini wax
25. Get rid of bingo wings
26. Do the couch to 5k challenge
27. Get healthy inside and out

Parties and Events
1. Host an 80s party
2. Host a Lauu
3. Throw a Masquarade party
4. Host a mini highschool reunion
5. Have a highschool musical party
6. Attend WOMAD
7. Have a costume party
8. Crowd surf

Party Tricks
1. Learn to skim a stone across water
2. Do a basic dive
3. Catch a fish
4. Spin on rollerskates
5. Make birdcalls with my hands

1. Dancing hula girl
2. Boat
3. Motorbike
4. Canvas print
5. 60 music cds
6. Corset
7. Jewellary from Tiffanys
8. iPad
9. Doll House
10. Moped
11. Flash for my camera
12. Spend £500 in one day
13. Icecream maker
14. Breadmaker

1. Confess my love to someone
2. Ask out a boy I have a huge crush on
3. Kiss someone on New Years Eve
4. Go on a hayride with my beloved
5. Have a bubblebath together
6. Kiss like Spiderman
7. Meet the right guy
8. Be kissed in the rain
9. Have my first kiss
10. Carve a tree in our yard with our names in it
11. Get our wedding rings engraved
12. Get married
13. Go on a second date with someone

1. Surf
2. Get my English drivers licence
3. Self Defence
4. First Aid
5. Ceroc
6. Play the piano
7. Play the guitar
8. Speak Maori
9. Play the drums
10. Sew
11. Speak French
12. NZ sign language