Wednesday, 15 August 2012

A Brief Thought About Goal Setting

I think I need to start setting goals based on effort and set tasks rather than outcomes.

Theres no guarantee I'll lose weight, but I can always increase the amount of exercise I do, work harder, increase my fitness level, cut inches from my waist (again, not a specific amount), eat cleaner, learn new recipes etc.

This applies for everything though, not just losing weight.

Nothing is guaranteed.

It makes ''get a job'' seem like a silly goal as well, because its completely out of your control whether you'll be selected for an interview or the actual job. The *goal* should be something like ''apply for three jobs everyday'' or ''make myself more employable by doing *this* *this* and *this*.'' Etc.

Seems more achievable, right?

Its not that I'm a pessimist, its just, the results we want aren't always going to happen. We will improve for the better in some way by doing these things.