Saturday, 20 October 2012

I'm Changing the Way I Use Pinterest!

If anyone follows me on Pinterest, you'll notice that I have a lot of pins! As of today (21 Oct 2012), I have over 6000 pins! That's just crazy if you ask me! I've decided to delete most of my pins and boards (41) and focus on quality over quanity.

For me that means getting rid of pins that don't reflect the person I want people to see me as on the internet, show pins that will help the world, that are not of a personal nature and are not repetitive.

I will get rid of boards/pins that:
-Reflect an unhealthy lifestyle/overindulgence
-Show my tastes/preferences in fashion
-Reveal my bucketlist
-Have been done over and over again
-Are pinned incorrectly
-Show the negativity I feel inside

Instead, I will save these pins in different folders on my computer and look at them in my own time. The problem with having thousands of pins is that you can't keep track of them very well and there is no guarantee they will still be online in a day from now. I am sure many of the pins I have saved have been taken offline now, so I really regret not backing them up sooner.

My boards bother me because they remind me of how much money I don't have, how unskilled I am at painting my nails, cooking and sewing, they make me feel ungrateful for the things in my life, stir up an unloving spirit of greed and jealousy, tempt me with things I don't need or didn't know about before, make me more materialistic than I was before, show people the bitterness I hold in my heart without them knowing why, make idols out of celebrities, distract me from things I can do, distract me from my real life goals, make me forget what is really important in life etc.

With the pins I collect, I will make interesting and informative blogs, develop my own style, dreams and taste in private, grow and become a better person, find interesting, insightful and funny things to share with my friends on facebook.

I also have a goal to share more of my own creations on pinterest. At the moment I've just been collecting other peoples ideas and not plugging any of my own stuff because I have been living through other people and not trying anything new myself.

It is so frustrating when you are fascinated by a picture you see on pinterest, so you click through it expecting to see a tutorial, a blog post or somewhere you can buy a product but the link doesn't go anywhere or is out of date. If you have less pins, you can keep a better eye on such things.

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